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A new cash flow to local farmers


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<p>Caption: “Nearly 1.6 million pounds flows annually from our paperboard mill at Workington to the local farming community”, says Ulf Löfgren, Managing Director for the mill. In January 2019 the project was given the Rushlight Bioenergy Award.</p> (photo: Rolf Andersson)

/ins Local farmers’ ability to sell biomass to Iggesund Paperboard’s paperboard mill at Workington will return over 1.5 million pounds annually to the local agricultural industry. The initiative has created a totally new source of income for close to 200 farms in Cumbria and Scotland. It was recently given Rushlight Bioenergy Award. The Rushlight Awards is a set of awards designed specifically to support and promote all the latest clean technologies, innovations, initiatives and deployment projects for businesses and other organisations throughout UK, Ireland and internationally.

No technology without people – Teknologia 19 highlights the importance of humans and responsibility in various fields of technology


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<p>Teknologia 2017</p> (photo: Kimmo Brandt)

/ins Teknologia 19, the leading technology event in the Nordic countries, will be held in Messukeskus Helsinki next November. The theme of the event is Humans, Responsibility and Technology, and it highlights the importance of intelligence and the work done by humans as well as different points of view on responsibility and the environment in developing future technologies.    

Major success for Hyundai’s concrete mixers made out of Hardox steel from SSAB


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 (photo: Jun Michael Park)

/ins   Since Hyundai Motor decided to go from regular steel to SSAB’s Hardox steel when producing the concrete mixers for their special trucks, the demand has surged. For Hyundai’s customers the long-term costs are reduced as the concrete mixer’s service life is doubled – at least.

Bio-Gate clarifies FDA regulatory pathway for HyProtect™


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/ins Nuremberg, 29 January 2019 – Bio-Gate AG, concluded a pre-submission with FDA regarding its HyProtect™ coating technology, which is an ultrathin plasma coating containing pure silver and polysiloxane that protects the surfaces of medical implants against bacterial colonization.

Improve quality control with apps for your digital microscope


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<p>Caption: ”With apps for your digital microscope, you don’t have to purchase new quality control equipment once your processes and requirements change.”</p>
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/ins   Finding the right equipment for quality control can be time consuming. That’s why it is important to find long lasting and agile equipment. One solution is a digital microscope with quality control improving apps that allows the operator to alter the system to meet future requirements without investing in new equipment.  

Digital microscopes replace traditional magnification tools in quality control


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/ins   Using a digital microscope instead of traditional magnification tools to repair and/or rework defective  boards will improve the operator’s user experience and pave the way for more efficient quality control thanks to the bigger working area and real time image display.

Packaging material a key issue for the climate


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<p><strong>Caption 2:</strong> In extreme cases, switching packaging material from plastic to paperboard can reduce a packaging’s climate impact by up to 99 per cent. </p> (photo: Rolf Lavergren)

/ins   Switching material from plastic to paperboard can reduce a packaging’s climate impact by 99 per cent. For people who influence the choice of packaging material, this single choice can make the biggest climate impact during a product manager or designer’s entire professional career. That’s the conclusion of a study done by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute for Iggesund Paperboard.

Master of embossing created this year’s greeting card


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<p>Caption: The highlight of the Iggesund Christmas card is a deep, blind embossing of a moose.</p> (photo: Rolf Lavergren)

/ins   This year’s greeting card from Iggesund Paperboard is designed by the Taiwanese designer Kevin Chen, who specialises in embossing and foil stamping. The concept behind the card ranges from the Scandinavian forests, symbolised by the moose, which is the king of the forest, to a globe representing the world-wide availability of Iggesund Paperboard’s flagship product, Invercote.

Cut your total cost of ownership by up to 45% with the new Alfa Laval Aseptic Mixproof Valve

Alfa Laval AB

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 (photo: Brian Poulsen)

/ ins   Reducing the total cost of ownership is paramount for manufacturers of dairy, food and beverage products. Factors like product safety, stable process flow and easy maintenance are crucial in achieving the ever increasing sustainability goals. The new Alfa Laval Aseptic Mixproof Valve is the perfect choice to achieve all these benefits and more.

Sulapac, the multi-awarded Finnish start-up, welcomes Chanel as an investor


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/ ins    Sulapac, a Finnish company listed among the top-100 hottest start-ups in Europe by Wired Magazine, is pleased to announce that the French luxury house Chanel has decided to shoulder its development, thus becoming its first investor coming from the cosmetic industry.  Aiming to tackle the accumulation of non-biodegradable plastics,  Sulapac has developed an innovative material which responds to consumers' growing desire to find environmentally friendly products or packaging.

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