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Stora Enso and startup Sulapac have joined forces to develop renewable and biodegradable straws


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/ins   Stora Enso and Sulapac continue to combat the global problem of plastic waste by introducing a demo of a sustainable straw at Slush 2018, a global leading startup event gathering of 20 000 tech enthusiasts. The demo, targeting industrial scale production, is designed to replace traditional plastic straws with renewable ones. The straws are based on Sulapac’s biocomposite material – made of wood and natural binders – designed to be recycled via industrial composting and biodegrade in marine environment.

Hermle machining centre C 22 UP with pallet changer in tool making


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Automated die machining boosts manufacturing capacity /ins With its standardisation strategy and the C 22 UP machining centre from Hermle, the tool and mould making division of the WMF Group has managed to streamline die and tool production processes, thereby creating the scope for services for external customers.

SSAB successfully delivers steel plates to Kocurek Excavators for 35 years


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/ins   For over three decades, steel company SSAB has delivered steel plates to UK-based Kocurek Excavators, the industry leaders in the manufacture of demolition equipment, and My Inner Strenx members.

Making sure the Munich festival grounds stay dry in 2018: Tireless lifting at tent builder Pletschacher


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<p><strong>[Photo ]</strong> Compact power pack: The heavy-duty forklift, SMV 10-1200 C from Konecranes Lifttrucks, transports containers up to 10 tons for Pletschacher – and is 25 cm shorter than normal with its 3 m wheelbase.</p> (photo: David Knipping)

/ins   Konecranes supplies a double-girder bridge crane, electric chain hoists, and heavy-duty forklift to the Oktoberfest outfitter Pletschacher in Dasing

Now, where was the turbulence?


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<p>Passenger airliner flying to dark clouds</p> (photo: Andrey Armyagov)

/ins   A good flight is the one that is on time and has not been whipped around by turbulence. Here Swedish AVTECH comes into the picture with its advanced technology to predict invisible turbulence and bad weather. It’s the only weather service on the market based on the high definition weather data from UK’s Met Office.

UUTTA: Presto LB6 litiumakkusammutin sammuttaa tehokkaasti litiumioniakkuja sisältävien elektronisten laitteiden palot

Presto Brandsäkerhet AB

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/ins    Litiumioniakkuja sisältäviä laitteita on ympärillämme suurimman osan päivästä - töissä ja kotona. Puhelimissa ja tietokoneissa. Autoissa ja konttoreissa. Akkujen pieneen kokoon pakattu suuri energiamäärä luo uusia käyttömahdollisuuksia sekä asettaa rajoituksia, kuinka niitä tulisi käsitellä. Rakenteensa vuoksi litiumioniakulla on tulipaloriski, mikäli se altistuu esimerkiksi ulkoiselle vauriolle tai ylilataukselle. Tällöin on tärkeää tietää kuinka ja millä välineillä palo tulisi sammuttaa. Jauhe- ja vaahtosammuttimet eivät sovellu palon sammuttamiseen huonon jäähdytyskapasiteettinsa vuoksi.

Inspect large PCBs in ergonomically correct working positions


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<p><strong>ZAP Tagarno microscope 2 lens flex arm front electronics</strong></p>

/ ins   TAGARNO is now announcing a modified digital microscope solution, promoting ergonomically correct working conditions and new possibilities to inspect large PCBs with plenty of work space beneath the camera.

From a traditional shelving system to an acclaimed storage system

Weland Solutions AB

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 (photo: Peter Ericsson)

/ins   Rimaster is a leading company in the development and manufacture of cable harnesses, electrical cabinets, electronics, cabs and mechanical systems for special vehicles and industrial systems. Rimaster never compromises on the quality of its products and, when it decided to invest in a more efficient storage system, it got in touch with another supplier that puts quality first: Weland Solutions.

Ofgem review risks damaging large energy users


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<p>Environment folder 2013</p> (photo: Rolf Andersson)

/ins   Proposed changes to the UK’s electricity grid charging system are threatening to damage energy intensive businesses and undermine a government-backed drive to increase CHP capacity including biomass.


Presto Brandsäkerhet AB

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/ins   Presto Paloturvallisuus Oy:n emoyhtiö Presto Brandsäkerhet Ab on ostanut pohjoisruotsalaisen palontorjunta- ja paloturvallisuusalan yrityksen Aptum Ab:n. Tällä kaupalla syntyvän Pohjoismaiden johtavan paloturvallisuusalan konsernin pääomistajaksi ja tulevaisuuden kasvun mahdollistajaksi on kutsuttu Adelis Equity Partners. Presto Brandsäkerhet Ab:n perustaja Anders Danielson sekä Aptumin perustajat jatkavat Presto-konsernin suuromistajina. ”Nämä yritysjärjestelyt tuovat myös meille Suomeen hyvän ja vakaan pohjan jatkaa kasvuamme yritysten paloturvallisuuden kokonaispalvelujen tarjoajana”, sanoo Presto Paloturvallisuus Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Jari Kortelainen.

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