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Mining vehicle from Fermel named finalist for Swedish Steel Prize 2017


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/ins . For developing the Maverick range of dedicated light duty vehicles (LDV) for mining, which provide maintenance, repair and lifecycle advantages never before seen on the market, Fermel has been named a finalist for the Swedish Steel Prize 2017.

How Water Jet Sweden T-model manage to counteract the laws of physics.

Water Jet Sweden AB

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/ins The Technology behind a five-year performance warranty. Waterjet technology is unique cutting method using natural elements like water, sand and pressure. No heat or chemical substances are being added and no poisonous fumes are created. Natural elements, yes, but these forces must be controlled and is a tough environment for man-made machines. How to build a long-life, high performance waterjet machine starts with some basic design principles. We went into the production hall of world leading waterjet manufacturer Water Jet Sweden to check behind the curtains building the entry level T-model machine.

Water Jet Sweden introduce a multi-purpose waterjet cutting system.

Water Jet Sweden AB

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<p>Picture 1</p>
<p>NCT 30 Water Jet Sweden</p> (photo: HANS-PETER BLOOM,Blekinge Bildre)

/ins Low investment. Long life. High performance.  T-model is as rare as an entry level waterjet cutting system based on very high quality standard. Water Jet Sweden has for decades been building quality waterjet cutting machines for the most demanding customers. A craftsmanship rooted in Swedish industrial tradition with machine installed all around the world. The new T-model is based on that tradition.

Gill & PCMS strengthen their partnership at Maintec 2017

Gill Sensors & Controls Limited

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<p>Andy Chater from PCMS Engineering and Trevor Pearson from Gill Sensors & Controls at Maintec 2017</p>

/INS .Gill sensors & controls are pleased to introduce their partnership with PCMS engineering. We are working closely with PCMS to employ our 4212 industrial conditioning monitoring sensor into their conditioning monitoring product range. PCMS are well known for providing maintenance solutions to companies that operate within secure, sensitive or potentially hazardous environments. They enjoy a strong reputation for providing a cost-effective solution to UK and overseas customers within nuclear, power generation, rail, mining, shipping, pharmaceutical and refrigeration industry sectors.

Rahastojen tuotto ratkaisee

Fondita Fund Management Company Ltd.

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 (photo: Niklas Gerkman)

/INS . Lukuisista maailmanlaajuista talouskriiseistä huolimatta, 20-vuotisjuhlavuottaan viettävän Fondita-rahastoyhtiön rahastot ovat keskimäärin tuottaneet selvästi perustana olevia markkinoita paremmin.

Swedish Steel Prize 2017 finalists lead the way with innovative design concepts


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/INS. Truly innovative design concepts pushing utilization of high-strength steels to the limits characterize this year’s four finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in Stockholm on May 11.

Save up to 60% time and 70% water with this new powerful tank cleaning machine

Alfa Laval AB

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 (photo: Carsten Brix)

/INS .Fast and cost effective cleaning.

Dedicatedly gentle conveying of delicate food


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<p>Prescription drugs.</p>

/INS. Revolutionary flow control ensures a gentle touch in Piab's conveyor for fragile goods.

Walki develops new biodegradable mulching paper

Walki Group

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/INS. Walki has developed a new fibre-based soil mulching solution that is completely biodegradable. This organic mulch type, which is used for weed control and to optimise soil conditions and crop yield, is the first of its kind on the market.

Sinclairs returns British classic Silvine to the stationery world

James Cropper

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<p><em>Silvine Originals : singer sewn production</em></p>

/INS. World-class paper-based stationery manufacturer Sinclairs decided to relaunch its Silvine Originals collection – a British staple in the world of notebooks for nearly 100 years. The notebooks, with their iconic bold red cover and midnight blue wreath logo adorning the front, are now back on retail shelves of high end retail outlets and specialist stationers.

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