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Kendal Manilla hits the right beat for Design LSC

James Cropper

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<p><em>Off Beat catalogue - Jeff Nuttall and the International Underground</em></p>

/INS . The Off-Beat exhibition, on show at The John Rylands Library in Manchester from 8 September 2016 to 5 March 2017, showcases a range of examples of early self-publishing, including the print techniques and materials that the ‘International Underground’ of 1960s artists, poets, philosophers, actors and musicians used to publish their art and literature.

James Cropper to demonstrate offering to German market at paperworld

James Cropper

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/INS . British master papermaker James Cropper is making the final preparations for its appearance at Paperworld 2017, with plans to promote a number of its products and services to a German audience.

James Cropper indulges Germany with luxury food contact paper

James Cropper

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/INS. British master papermaker James Cropper is set to take a bite of the German food packaging industry with the launch of its luxurious food contact-approved range of papers, Dolcelicious.

High-tech tool making with 5-axis milling expertise from Hermle


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<p>The largest high-performance, 5-axis CNC machining centre C 52 U at the Hirschmann Automotive GmbH tool making department in Rankweil for complete 5-axis/5-sided machining of workpieces with diameters as large as 1000 mm and measuring 810 mm in height</p>

 The installation of five 5-axis CNC machining centres from Hermle allows Hirschmann Automotive to turn technical innovations into high-quality mechatronic products more efficiently than ever before.

Want to reduce the risk of unplanned GPHE downtime? This is the best advice you will get all year

Alfa Laval AB

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<p>FrontLine M8 Klädd</p> (photo: Fotograf Erik Håkan Bengtsson)

/INS . Getting the best plate heat exchanger performance requires preventive maintenance, especially for hygienic applications within the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and home & personal care industries. Each process system, however, is different with different parameters that affect the heat transfer and sealing efficiencies of the plates and gaskets.

Bio-implants Market – 2013–2020 — A Comprehensive Industry Analysis

Allied Market Research

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<p>Bio implants</p>

/INS . Allied Market Research has recently published a report on the bio-implants market, which is an in-depth examination of the entire industry for the time period 2013–2020. The report is an extensive analysis of the market and scrutinizes the key driving factors, restraints, opportunities, and challenges faced by industry players operating in the market. It emphasizes on the different products available in the bio-implants market, along with the various applications of these products in ophthalmology, cardiology, and orthopedic replacement implants. The report profiles the major market players working in the industry, along with a close look of their product profiles, business performances, and marketing strategies. The vital statistics, tables, and figures provided in the report are provided to give more leverage to the data provided in the report.

One of the world’s sustainability leaders


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/INS . Iggesund Paperboard’s parent company, the Holmen Group, has gained a place on the Global 100, an index of the hundred most sustainable corporations in the world. Holmen ranks 21 and is the only company from the forest industry on the prestigious list.

This is it! Don’t let poor tank cleaning performance waste your time, water and energy

Alfa Laval AB

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<p><strong>Alfa Laval</strong></p>

/INS. When the water jet, coming from a rotary jet head cleaning device, hits the tank wall, it generates a force of impact (N). After impact, the jet spreads out and creates a cleaning footprint with high wall sheer stress force (Pa). As the cleaning machine is rotating in a 3D motion, the footprint is "moving" around inside the tank in a predefined pattern and cleans the entire tank surface with high wall shear stress. The further away from the impact point the less wall shear stress (mechanical action) is achieved.

Why would you choose an unsuitable standard-sized product when you can order a tube that fits your needs perfectly?

Stalatube Oy

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/INS .With STALAFIT service you can optimize your structural hollow sections by tailoring them exactly to the dimensions you need, without compromising on quality.

New 3-step highly efficient oil separator for ammonia screw compressors

BITZER Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH

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/INS .The newly developed horizontal BITZER oil separator is ideal for use with ammonia screw compressors. Several separating stages can be combined in one vessel, making the system simpler and the units more compact. Thanks to multistep separation, the OAHC oil separators ensure minimal oil carry over rates well below 10 ppm. Optimized oil charge amounts and a service flange for simple filter replacement round off the benefits of the OAHC oil separator.

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