Remote controlled conference telephone

February 13, 1995
8-15 March Hanover
Hall 13, Stand F24

World premiere for remote-controlled conference telephone

A new generation of conference equipment may amount to an international break-through for teleconferences. This is the hope of Swedish electronics company KonfTel, the world’s first company to launch remote-controlled teleconferencing systems.
Instead of taking up space on a table or desk, the cordless system is suspended from the ceiling. The two products now being launched are set to become future essentials in every office and conference room.

The new products are the KonfTel Conference Unit 100, a loudspeaker unit for offices up to 25 square metres, and the KonfTel Conference System 300, a complete system for larger conferences.
Like its predecessors, this new generation of telephone conferencing equipment operates in full duplex, allowing communication without speech switching or suppression. In addition, modern, digital processor technology eliminates all echoes on the line and automatically adjusts the sound reproduction to the acoustics of the conference room and the prevailing sound conditions.

Operated by remote control
“The impression that everyone involved in the conference is present in the room is total,” says Johan Carlander, Managing Director of KonfTel Marketing AB. “And the larger system is the only one of its kind that can be mounted on the ceiling. Dialling, volume, muting for secrecy and so on are all controlled from an infrared remote control unit. There is no need for any hardware or cables to clutter up the conference table.”
The rapid advances of information technology have lead to changes in business and administration. Instead of transporting people to conferences, the increasing trend is for the information to be moved to the people. “Teleconferencing is a convenient and highly cost-effective way of exchanging information, but it calls for systems that give a high degree of ‘presence’ and that are easy to operate. We have now reached that stage,” says Johan Carlander.

Limitless possibilities
Since KonfTel was established in 1988, three generations of teleconferencing systems have been developed and launched.
There are numerous fields of application: the Swedish courts save millions in trial costs by questioning witnesses via TeleWitness, a predecessor to the system now being launched; hospitals and immigration authorities use conference phones for urgent communication with patients and asylum-seekers, using interpreters.
“Today’s technology offers limitless possibilities, increasingly cutting back on the need for people to be physically present,” predicts Johan Carlander.

The world’s first remote-controlled teleconferencing system is to be launched this spring. The cordless system can be mounted on a wall or suspended from the ceiling. It uses full duplex and digital processor technology. According to the manufacturer, this give a total feeling of presence in conference rooms up to 70 square metres.

For further information:
Johan Carlander
KonfTel Marketing AB
P.O Box 170
S-190 46 Stockholm-Arlanda
Phone: +46 8 797 77 80
Fax: +46 8 797 77 83

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