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Minimising chemical waste and costs with Walki’s soft foam solution

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<p><br /><strong>Caption</strong>: Walki is one of the most experienced global suppliers of soft foam process liner<br />Materials that is used in sofas for instance.© Walki<br /><br /></p> (photo: mihalis_a)

/ins . Cost efficiency, compliance with environmental regulation and safety are important for soft foam manufacturers.

Walki develops new biodegradable mulching paper

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/INS. Walki has developed a new fibre-based soil mulching solution that is completely biodegradable. This organic mulch type, which is used for weed control and to optimise soil conditions and crop yield, is the first of its kind on the market.

Energy-saving membrane tackles moisture

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/INS. Moisture in buildings is a big problem in the construction industry. Trapped moisture, either due to external intrusion or condensation from within, causes dampness, damages structures and can lead to mould that has serious health implications. Walki has developed a new, unique membrane that prevents humidity from getting to the structures of the building. Walki®Active is a dual-purpose, vapour variable membrane made from PP non-woven and a functional film layer. The variable water vapour barrier property makes Walki®Active ideal for circumstances where there are big variations in temperature and moisture.

New production facility in Valkeakoski up and running

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<p>This has been a textbook example on how to conduct a complex project, every single employee has helped out in one way or another.© Walki Group Oy</p> (photo: Olli-Pekka Latvala)

/INS. The new production unit in Walki’s Valkeakoski plant has made the first deliveries to customers. So far the production line has met expectations.

Walki helps Ecocool with thermo-covering

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<p>EcoCool’s thermal blankets reflect IR-radiation. Heat is kept in during transportation of sensitive chemicals in winter, while heat is kept out during air cargo for sensitive pharmaceuticals. © Walki Group Oy</p>

/INS . Expansion in the home food delivery market and increased regulation in the pharmaceutical industry is driving demand for thermal blankets needed to protect cargo during transportation.