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Gamification reaches the process industry

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/ins . Neste Jacobs launches ground-breaking operator training game

Smart software revolutionizes the production of whey and milk powder

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/INS. Finland’s biggest dairy company, Valio, recently boosted the production of its Lapinlahti whey powder plant with over 10 percent by implementing the proprietary NAPCON Controller solution (Advanced Process Control, APC) from the technology and engineering company Neste Jacobs. The results were so convincing that Valio now in a similar way is optimizing a milk powder plant in Seinäjoki, Finland, consisting of both an evaporator and a spray dryer.

Improving a process the soft way

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APC solution from Neste Jacobs. ©Neste Jacobs (photo: Industrial News Service)

/INS. One of the largest whey powder production plants in Finland recently increased its production by more than 10 per cent without having to invest in any hardware or use more energy in the process. The production plant was able to do this solely by implementing Neste Jacobs’ NAPCON® Suite’s applications for advanced process control (APC) to optimize the critical and energy intensive last stage of the production process.

A New way to tackle tricky industrial investment decisions

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 The rail yard at Neste Oil’s refinery in Porvoo handles 20,000 tank wagons a year. It has the capacity to enlarge its operations, but Neste Jacobs’ modelling tool clearly showed that not all crude is suited to rail transport. ©Neste Jacobs  (photo: Industrial News Service)

/ INS.  Neste Oil recently planned to invest in new rail unloading facilities at the company’s oil refinery in Porvoo, Finland to reduce the logistics costs of a certain type of crude. It soon turned out that the profitability of the investment was relying on so many independently changing variables that a normal profitability calculation was not sufficient. To simulate the process over a long period, the company decided to use sophisticated modelling and analysis provided by the technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs.  

Optimized unloading of crude oil in cold conditions

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The Ecoarm by Neste Jacobs unloads crude oil from railway cars no matter how cold and stiff the oil is. The arm that warms up the oil inside the tank consists of a pump nozzle equipped with a heating coil that has two extendable hot oil spray nozzles on b (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

A well-known phenomenon at oil terminals in cold regions is that crude oil transported in railway cars can be too stiff to unload. To help solve this problem, Neste Jacobs has developed an unloading device called Ecoarm. It is a ready to use system that can be used as is or configured by combining top-unloading, bottom-unloading or top-warming technologies to meet clients’ needs.